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Netmail Archive 6.x


The IP addresses of the index servers used to be configurable in the Netmail administration console, but this has been removed in version 6.x (since the clustering was augmented).  Now the servers auto-detect each other at Setup time and there's no need to configure this in the UI.  As a result, some administrators have trouble finding the IPs of the index servers after the fact (in case they need to connect to them or troubleshoot something).


The easiest way to find the IPs of the indexers is via the Diagnostics tab (visible immediately after you log into the administration console):


Click on the Netmail Index indicator and it will open to reveal the address of each server, along with status information:


If the above method is not an option for some reason (eg. trouble authenticating to the console), you can also try to get the same information from the clusterinfo JSON, available via https://ArchiveServerIP/clusterinfo.

It will return a summary of all the participating servers in the cluster.  Index servers which are responsive will have an entry resembling:



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