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Netmail 6.x


In the architecture of Netmail 6.x, there is a new component on the Archive servers that interfaces with the index servers.  You'll see this appear as Netmail Indexing in the Microsoft services console.  All jobs & Netmail Search queries will route through this component to talk to the index servers.  Sometimes it's possible that this component loses connectivity to the index servers and has given up trying to reconnect.  When this happens users logging into Netmail Search will receive a message similar to:

Exception: {"code":5031,"reason":"Service Unavailable","message":"Server unavailable: null"} 
Please contact your Administrator. 



Restart the Netmail indexing service on the Netmail Search server.


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  1. This is a common occurrence after Netmail servers are rebooted and the services on the Archive machines come up before the services on the Indexing machines.  But it can also point to a problem on the index servers if the services on Archive are restarted and they still cannot connect.