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Netmail Archive 6.x

Exchange 2010+


Netmail provides IIS extensions to install on the Exchange servers so that the users can obtain a direct link to their archives from within OWA.  After deployment, it's possible that testing by browsing directly to the Exchange server will work fine, but when connecting via URL that routes through a load-balancer that the new functionality is broken.  This is typically because the NLB is not configured correctly for Netmail connections.  The common error seen is "Session was expired."


The load balancer needs to be configured to maintain session persistence on the \EWV virtual folder. The folder is added to the Default Web Site in IIS after installing the Netmail extensions.  Every NLB vendor will have different options available, but in general cookie persistence and source address persistence seem to have worked well for most.  

Below is a sample iRule for an F5 load balancer using cookie persistence with Exchange 2013:



if {[string tolower [HTTP::path]] starts_with "/ewv"} { persist cookie }



A sample when using source address persistence with Exchange 2016:


"/ewv*" {


persist source_addr 2100

pool /Common/





If you need assistance setting up persistence for your load balancer, please refer to its documentation or contact their Support department.

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