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Netmail Search 6.x


When a user logs into Netmail Search to view their archives, the software will display all locations with data for them (NB: location must not marked as invisible by the administrator).  For example, the administrator may have separate repositories per year, and thus when users log in they would see locations for 2016, 2017, and 2018.  However consider the situation where the administrator purges all data for some users in 2016.  The expectation is that these users would no longer see this location, but the rest will.  However the reality is that purged users will continue to see the 2016 location, albeit empty.  This article will explain why this is, and how to address this situation.


The way Netmail Search finds locations for a user is via their archive folder in the audit path.  It will search the audit paths for all locations, and if it finds a match for the user, that location will be displayed in the interface.  When data is purged with the ILM agent, the items within the user's archive folder is deleted, but the archive folder itself will remain.  This will continue to be matched by Netmail Search and therefore continue to appear for the user.  To prevent this from happening, the archive folder of the user must be manually deleted from the audit path of that location.


If you have several empty archive folders in a location that you'd like to clear out, please contact Netmail Support.  There may be a script available to help you with this task.

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