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Netmail Archive 6.x


Sometimes when logging into Netmail Search, the user may encounter the following error: 

"The system was unable to locate archives. If this is your first time accessing archives it could mean that the archives have not yet been created or transferred into this system. If this issue persists, please contact your system administrator."

This is most often due to a missing/outdated usermap.  Updating this is the first step in troubleshooting this error.


The usermap handling occurs at the beginning of an archive job, after connecting to the mailbox.  It is possible to update a usermap for a user without performing an archive of the mailbox contents.  For example, if you archive only periodically (eg. once a week) but the user changes name mid-week and it breaks their access to Netmail Search.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to create a new policy in the admin web console (called Future Mail) and select the 'mail' item type with a date range far in the future (eg. 1/1/2025 - 1/1/2025).  Then create an archive job called Create Usermap and assign the Future Mail policy to it.  Use the same options on the Criteria tab as for your production archive job.  Now you can run this job for any user which receives the error above from Netmail Search.  The job will open the mailbox, update the usermap, and then attempt to find mail delivered in the date range of the policy.  Finding no email from the future, it will close the mailbox and wrap up, effectively updating the usermap without collecting any data.


It is also possible that Netmail Search was not able to load the location that hosts this user's archives.  Do other users from the same location also report the same issue?  You can look C:\Program Files (x86)\Messaging Architects\RemoteProvider\dp.log to find any errors related to un-openable paths (near the beginning of the file).


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