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Netmail Archive 6.x


After running a job and checking the report, it's possible some accounts have a status of aborted and upon expansion of the report the reason is indicated to be "error locking the location. (failed to lock the account... error in function lock(). could create lock file:..."


When jobs are run they will spawn a thread in the job monitor for each account they have to process.  These threads will begin by creating a lock file in the audit folder of the user account, so that threads from other jobs are aware this account is already being worked on.  If a thread finds a lock file already in place, it will abort with the error specified above.  This is a safety measure to prevent two conflicting jobs from trying to operate on the same account on the same time.

If the error is being returned for an account and no other jobs are running, it's possible that an earlier job was improperly terminated (eg. server/services restarted in the middle of processing) and thus the threads did not have the opportunity to clean up after themselves (ie. the lock file is still in place).  Threads will detect when a lock file is over 24hrs old and assume it's stale information and that it's safe to proceed, but if you need to run a job prior to this window expiring then the file can be manually deleted from the audit location.  It can be found in the root of the user's audit folder, named lock_info.xml, together with the account_info.xml and stat_info.xml.  


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