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Netmail Archive 5.x (and higher) with Novell GroupWise 7 (and higher)


When running the GroupWise Cleanup utility, messages that look like they qualify for deletion are not deleted.

Messages that are manually deleted in GroupWise 'come back.'

This article will explain why this happens and what qualifies a GroupWise message to be deleted when a retention policy is in place.


In order for a message to qualify for deletion when GroupWise retention is enabled, the message needs to meet certain criteria:


1. The message must be older than the date that was set by Netmail Archive's Digest Retention Time (as part of the retention process).

Below is an example of the retention date set by Netmail Archive. A message would need to have been received prior to Tuesday, 29 March 2011 4:43pm in order to qualify for deletion (i.e., it must be older than the retention timestamp of Tuesday, 29 March 2011 4:43pm shown below.  The example shown below used the GroupWise timestamp utility to show the retention date:

C:\grpwise\software\agents\nt>gwtmstmp /p c:\grpwise\po1 /u pchamberland
  User: pchamberland
  Backup Time: unknown
  Restore Time: unknown
  Digest Retention Time: Tuesday, 29 March 2011 4:43pm
  Modified Retention Time: unknown


2.  The message needs a Modified Date older than the number of days that trigger a cleanup job to run. For example, if today's date is March-23-2012, and the cleanup utility is set to delete email older than 20 days, the messages shown in the screenshot below (received on 3/2/2012 but last modified on 3/5/2012) would not qualify for deletion until March 26th (because they were last modified on 3/5/2012). The modified date also triggers the cleanup utility to run, meaning  that  the  message date is not the only date the cleanup utility looks at to determine when to delete a message.

Note: When a message is archived, the Modified date on the GroupWise message is updated.





3.   Lastly, the message must fits the criteria of the actual GroupWise Cleanup utility.

In the example below, the message would need to be in the Trash for over 30 days before it is deleted:


In Summary, there are three things that must be considered with regards to deleting mail when GroupWise Retention is active:

1- The Digest Retention Time.
2- The GroupWise message Modified Date.
3- Any criteria in place if using the GroupWise Cleanup utility.


There are also other things to consider when using Retention and GroupWise Cleanup, as explained in the following article:  Using GroupWise Retention Settings

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