Netmail Detach helps organizations minimize the size of their mail system by removing attachments from their messages and storing them only once in Netmail Store, through single instance storage (SIS). Stripped attachments are then replaced by HTTP links that point to the attachments in Netmail Store. If an organization already has a storage system in place (e.g., SAN or NAS), it is possible to configure Netmail Store Emulator. The Netmail Store Emulator behaves like Netmail Store but runs on the file system. It gives Netmail HTTP access to your SAN, allowing it to fetch attachments from your storage system, when required.

Netmail can remove attachments at three points:

When messages are forwarded internally within the organization, attachments are not re-attached to their respective messages. Recipients need only to click the HTTP links to access their attachments. This applies regardless of whether the original messages came directly from outside the organization or were stripped of their attachments from within the Exchange system.

For outbound messages (sent to external recipients), attachments are re-attached at the gateway before the messages are sent out. It is possible to forgo the re-attachment at the gateway for external recipients, but doing so requires opening the access to Netmail Store to the Internet. While it is safe, most organizations choose to re-attach the files.

Note: Attachment removal at the gateway is applicable to both GroupWise and Exchange environments. However, attachment removal from within the mail system applies only to Exchange environments, as GroupWise still provides SIS for attachments.

Netmail Detach System Requirements

Netmail Detach makes use of Netmail Archive, Netmail Secure, and Netmail Store. They can be deployed together or as separate pieces, depending on your organization's needs and email environment. As such, ensure that your system meets the requirements needed for each of the components your organization is using.