The Tracking Agent is used to track archiving. It allows administrators to compare the items in a data source to those in a data destination (e.g., live mail system vs. the archive) and report on item counts and differences. Although Netmail Archive features logs and job reports, the Tracking Agent helps to present the data in a more organized and useful format for project managers, system administrators, and compliance officers.

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Selecting Job Criteria

After creating your Tracking Job and specifying appropriate Job Settings as described in Job Creation and Distribution, you are ready to select advanced Tracking Job criteria. To begin, click the name of the job you created earlier. By default, the Job Settings tab is displayed. The Job Settings tab allows you to configure basic settings for any of your jobs. Click the Criteria tab. The Criteria tab allows you to verify the whether the items in the source location match the XML files in the archive location. Be sure to first enter a Report name for the report that will be produced once your Tracking Job is complete.

Archive Completeness

This option verifies if the items in the source location match the XML files in the archive location.

Choose Archive Location

Use the drop-down box to choose the archive storage location containing the accounts that were archived.


Select Mailbox, PST, or GroupWise Native Archive as the data source.

If you selected PST or GroupWise Native Archive, enter the Source path in the available text box. In the case of PST, the source path should point to a folder, not a PST file name. That folder must contain one folder per account, and its name must match the full user ID, as shown in the sample screenshot below.

Comparison option

Select which items you want to compare during the verification process:

Compare only published items

Select this option if you want to compare only those items that have a published flag associated with them.

Process all users of the system's user list as well as those of the location

Select this option if you want the job to process both the users in the location you have specified as well as all users within the system.

Compare address books also

Select this option if you want the source and destination address books to also be compared (option not available if you have selected Native GroupWise Archive as the source).

Tracking Agent Reports

A detailed report is generated for each Tracking Job. The report includes precise item counts and time-based comparisons, which makes for accurate archiving tracking, as well as regular compliance verification. To access the Tracking reports, click the Agents > Tracking > Reports tab.

The Reports tab displays a list of all Tracking jobs you have run. The Name, Start Time, and End Time, and Archive columns are displayed.

The Archive column shows how many accounts were processed. Click the blue hyperlink to see more details about which accounts were processed.

The list of accounts that were processed is displayed, along with the success and failure statistics for the different types of items that were processed. If any items are missing data, the number of items missing data is shown in red. You can check the Show only items with missing data box to see only those accounts that ran into processing issues. Click the red hyperlink to see full details about the missing data.

A new window opens, showing the full list of items that could not be processed. Click Download CSV to open or save the statistics in a spreadsheet application.