Netmail Archive 6.x


There are a few scenarios in which Netmail may not be able to reach the mail system:

This article will describe what functionality remains operational in Netmail in the event of the mail system becoming unavailable.


Netmail requires the mail system for two purposes in the common scenario i) getting a list of mailboxes active in the system ii) performing authentication.

If the mail system cannot be contacted, Netmail Archive is no longer aware of new users/mailboxes which might exist in the environment.  It will remain with stale information from the last time an address book sync was completed.  Consequently it cannot be used to assign case management or proxy rights to users created since that time, or be aware of changes to distribution group/list membership, etc.

The mail system is also used as the default authentication source by Netmail Search (for user login).  If the mail system is unreachable then attempts to access the archives via Netmail Search will return an authentication error.  To avoid this, configuration in the xgwxmlv.cfg file must be changed to use another authentication source, eg. Active Directory.


A few clients are in this configuration permanently as part of their Museum View contract.  Usually, they have migrated to another mail system (eg. Gmail) and retain their on-premises archives simply for reference/compliance purposes.