Netgovern Archive 6.x

Microsoft Exchange



This article will show how to enable the archiving of email message headers’ (MIME Headers) in Netgovern Archive 6.x, for a Microsoft Exchange Environment, as well as how to view the message headers within the search portal.


Configure / Edit the Archive job agent.

The Criteria tab will present a new option, MIME Headers, as shown in the figure below. Checking the box tells the archive job to include the emails’ headers.  Click the Save the button.



View the Message Header (MIME Header) in Netmail Search.

After the archive has finished, the message header is part of the email’s properties.


Log in to the Search portal (i.e. http://search.netgovern.com:8888/index.html) select a message that has been archived after enabling the option above.



Select the Properties tab.


Scroll down to MessageHeaders and place the pointer over the Message header to have a vertical view of it. 

As shown in the image below.