Environment Information

NetGovern Secure platform v 6.x.

Netgovern Secure unixODBC libraries current versions:



The updated drivers may be downloaded using a web browser from


If you are familiar with the Linux console command interface, you may go to Connection Session to log in to Netgovern Secure.

Use any FTP client (i.e. WinSCP, FileZilla, etc.) to transfer the file onto the Secure filesystem (copy file to /home/netmail/).

Connection Session


Steps to connect to Netgovern’s Secure console using PUTTY:


  1. Start Putty
  2. Connect to the Netgovern Secure hostname or IP address.
  3. Login as the netmail user.  Use the same password as the web interface.
  4. Change to super user by entering sudo su [ENTER].
  5. Change to the netmail user’s home folder by entering cd /home/netmail/.
  6. Download the update using wget ftp://ftp.netmail.com/download/.tools/unixODBC-2.3.7-1ng.zip
  7. Extract unixODBC2.3.7-1-ng by entering unzip unixODBC2.3.7-1-ng.
  8. Continue to Update Drivers


Update Drivers.


NOTE: These drivers MUST be updated on ALL Secure nodes.

Netgovern Secure services MUST be stopped to perform the update.

Enter service netmail stop to stop services.

Use yum install unixODBC*rpm to start the update.

Follow the console prompts.


Verify update is complete by entering rpm -qa | grep unix. The result should be:



Continue onto Update ODBC Configuration File

Update ODBC Configuration File


Make sure you are still connected as the Super User, root.

From the command line, type whoami.

Change to the root user’s home folder (/root)

Type cd /root [ENTER]

Change the /root/.odbc.ini file from:

Edit this file: .odbc.ini  (this is a link to using vi(m) text editor on a Linux environment)

Change the following lines:


Save the changes and exit to the console prompt.

Enter service netmail start to re-start netgovern services.